MP3: Quando Rondo – Speeding

Quando Rondo - Speeding

Speeding by Quando Rondo

Speeding, the latest hit song from "Quando Rondo," a prolific maker of bangers, is available here. This week saw the unquestionably release of one of the biggest hits, and you can depend on us to always give you the best.

This most recent difficult project, "Quando Rondo - Speeding," is certain to reach the top of the charts because it is clear that the team responsible put their all into the work's execution.

From the collection of African drums and percussion found in "Quando Rondo - Speeding" to the amazing vocal laying and thought-provoking lyrics combined with the customary mixing and mastering.

  • Author: Rõçky Bøy
  • Artist(s): Quando Rondo
  • Track: Speeding
  • Music category: Audio/mpeg
  • Released Date: 2023

Since we all know the vibe never dies, we can categorically state that "Quando Rondo - Speeding" is one hard work that will disrupt the airwaves for a while. This weekend, the producer "Quando Rondo" announced a new release on Twitter and other social media sites, and you can stream it on DSP all over the world.

This song, "Speeding," is already bombing on well-known streaming services like Audiomack, Youtube Music, and Apple Music. It is without a doubt a delight to your ears and will melt hearts.

“Speeding Lyrics”

There go Quando at the door, yeah
And, I swear, and I swear
By the corner store, that’s the murder squad (Yeah, yeah)
That’s that third eye
I just wanna buy, things I never bought (Things I never bought)
That new car garage

Aw shit, there go Rondo and he steady leanin’
Catch me ridin’ ’round wit’ my blick, they wanna six feet me
On her, I cash out wit’ them racks out on some D&G kicks
.300 Blackout in the Trackhawk, I be steady speedin’
Trap house whippin’ remix, dirty Sprite, I need it
Day and night, no, I don’t care about this life I’m livin’
Diamonds bright, his diamonds shinin’, say that he anemic (Yеah)
Wrong or right, you know I’m ridin’, they won’t let me sеasick
I could never leave my brother, that’s just on some G shit
Ain’t been the same since big bro Pablo left us all on defense
Yeah, she my main, but I don’t trust her and I really mean that (Yeah)
He in the rain with no umbrella, he just wanna be rich

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