[Entertainment] I like it when men approach me – Chelsea Edogun

I like it when men approach me ― Chelsea Edogun

Nollywood starlet Chelsea Edogun is beginning to have a place all picked out for her as a big star as more and more producers now seek the services of the Edo State-born actress. But Chelsea, easy on the eyes and rather loud in other places, didn’t have her path all carved out for her.

“My growing up wasn’t so easy because I grew up with my mum alone until I was 14. My dad travelled abroad when I was five years old and came back to Nigeria after nine years” she told Potpourri in a chat.

But since starting out in the make-believe world in 2012, Chelsea has been able to hold her head high, having featured in scores of movies. She said no sexual harassment has ever come her way even though she enjoys it when men make passes at her.

“No, I haven’t been harassed sexually but that doesn’t mean no man in Nollywood hasn’t approached me. I feel it’s a normal thing. In fact, I like it when men approach me. It makes me feel that I’m still a woman” she brazenly revealed.

On what she considers as her selling point, Chelsea stated that her whole body would come handy but says her boobs are more pricey. “I love every part of my body because I believe and I know my beauty can sell a movie, but my selling point is my boobs” she alleged.


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