Watch As Yanga Chief On Waiting More Than A Year To Release His Single “Benjamins”

Yanga Chief has explained why he waited more than a year to release his single “Benjamins.” The actor revealed this in a recent interview with SlikourOnLife.

The rapper explained why he waited over a year to release one of his exciting singles featuring sensational South African Hip Hop artists.

Yanga explained that he had the song for over a year but had no idea what to do with it until he discovered Henny’s music.

“I had the song and the hook for over a year and a half, I didn’t know what to do with it until I came across some of Henny’s music. He sounded like he could give it some life and I wasn’t wrong,” he said.

The rapper further went on and mentioned how he managed to combine Lunatik’s beat and Emtee‘s vocals leading up to coming out with a wonderful song.

“Lunatik made the beat so it felt like Emtee would understand the nuances, I added his verse and it all came out together perfectly,” he added.

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